Thursday, December 17, 2009

Elliot's First Hanukkah

With Christmas music playing in the background (we're multicultural in this family), Elliot's Spiritual Guardian, Annika, introduced Elliot to his first Hanukkah. She made the most delicious latkes.
Elliot was way into it.
He and his Mama could hardly stand it as they waited for Annika to finish cooking.
While we all waited, Annika told us the story of Hanukkah. (She told it from memory and I dictated quickly. We both apologize if any part of the story is a bit off.)...

"Once upon a time, the Maccabees (who were Jews) were fighting a terrible, terrible war. I don't remember against who, but it was terrible. After they won the war, they came back down the hill from the where they had been fighting and found their city destroyed, including their synagogue. For the Jews, academics are very important and in those days all of the learning happened in the synagogue. They knew they had to rebuild it, so they set about digging through the rubble looking for oil to light the way. In the rubble they found one day's worth of oil, but when they lit it in the lamp it lasted for 8 days, allowing them time to rebuild their temple. And that's the story of Hanukkah!"

Soon the laktes were done. We had plenty of applesauce and sour cream to put on them. Yum!
Annika was very proud of herself, as she should be.
Sadly, Elliot had to go to bed before he could hear Annika read "Hershel and the Hanukkah Goblins," but Andrea and I sure enjoyed it.
It was a lovely first Hanukkah for Elliot. Andrea and I are committed to positioning people in Elliot's life that he can trust to help guard and guide him on his journey through life. Annika is charged as his Spiritual Guradian, helping to foster a lifetime of spirit and spirituality in him. This Hanukkah celebration was the perfect step on that journey. Thank you, SG, and happy Hanukkah!

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Sara said...

that's awesome.
What a lucky kid to have so many lovely people looking out for him!
Happy Holidays :)
(all of them!)