Tuesday, July 26, 2011

From Start To Finish

Homemade black bean quinoa burgers and roasted potatoes from our farm share.  In the end, they didn't look pretty but they sure were tasty.  And Elliot is, by far, the best kitchen helper ever.  

Monday, July 25, 2011


After months and months of talking about it,  I finally made grilled pizzas.  And they were awesome! Here's the menu:And here's the deliciousness:One trick I found was to grill one side of the plain dough first, take it off and build the pizza toppings on that grilled side, then put it back on the grill to cook the ungrilled dough side (now on the bottom) and get the top all melty soft and warm (the other option is to grill both sides of the plain dough first, build your toppings on, and then put it back on the grill to cook the toppings... I thought this overcooked the dough and like the one-side-at-a-time method).  The bits of bubbled, charred dough were absolutely delicious.  It was as closed to wood fired as we can get making it at home.  Crunchy crust on the outside and chewy dough on the inside. Oh my.  Seriously, so good.  

Friday, July 22, 2011

Then and Now

Just 6 months between Elliot's first visit to the dentist (top picture) and this week's visit (bottom picture).  In just those few months he's gone from a little baby faced squishy to a long and lean boy.  It truly blows my mind.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

A Summer Bunting

Envelopes filled with location, hours, and admission for a variety of fun summer adventures hung for Kelly and Elliot to enjoy the summer months together.  Fun, fun, fun!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Water Can Baby

Our oh-so-beautiful best friend, Meguire, and her lovely Mr. Walsh came for a very special visit.  See... Meguire and  Ryan are expecting their fist baby this coming November AND it was Meguire's birthday while they were here!  A besty, a baby belly and a birthday, all rolled into one.  Oh heaven!  There was lots of playing (both adults and child), some guy bonding time over one of Elliot's favorite movies, and lots of wonderful cake.  It was a perfect and very special weekend.  We can't wait to meet this special little babe, whom Elliot has lovingly named Water Can Baby.  Little Water Can Baby, you have wonderful parents and are surrounded by many who love you dearly.  Safe journey.  We'll see you soon.    

Monday, July 18, 2011

Crafty Mamas

When the Stroller Strides group that I used to go to offered a crafty mom's-night-out at a very cool little fabric store, I jumped at the chance!  It was a great night.  Eleven Mamas of varying craft and sewing abilities, some basic applique instruction, a great setting, wonderful tools (I got to sew on a Bernina!), and beautiful materials to work with made for some really awesome Mama-made napkins by the end of the night.  Oh, and someone brought an amazing cake and when the sewing was over we walked across the street to a pub for drinks.  Yes, I will definitely be stopping in at Twig and Twist again, and will most certainly be enjoying more of the great mom's-night-outs.