Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Sleeping Through the Commotion

This sweetest little peapod slept soundly through his morning nap, even as the Portland Fire Department worked hard right outside our front door.

The "meth house" (our speculation, not yet confirmed) two doors down was engulfed in flames this morning at 4am. Now, at almost 10:00, the crew is still working hard to clean up the mess. It's so cold outside that all of the water that ran onto the ground is frozen solid and our street is completely blocked off. Andrea's even stuck home from work because of all of the trucks and hoses blocking our driveway!

Things that we are grateful for:
1. The flames didn't jump houses and get us
2. It wasn't our direct next door neighbors, which means we were both safer and we don't now have to look at a burned down house next to us (yes--the neighbor's house could actually look worse than it already does)
3. We no longer have a meth house on our block
4. Living on "the tracks" meant our house was affordable, we get lots of excitement, and we still haven't really suffered any serious consequences from our location

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