Friday, December 25, 2009


I made Zillows for Elliot and his cousin, Jack, for Christmas. Zillows are from one of my favorite Dr. Seuss books, There's a Wocket in my Pocket. The last page in the book says:

But the ZILLOW
Always helps me fall asleep.

It was a fun, creative project for me to make up what a Zillow might look like. And god knows, Elliot needs all the help he can get sleeping!

Merry Christmas, Elliot and Jack. We had a wonderful day at Grandpa G and Amuma's house together. And I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas day, too!


Sara said...

God, those cheeks :)
I just want to kiss them!!!!!
Darling project...that's the beauty of Dr. Suess. The characters are so silly, you can't "mess" them up! Good job!
And if they help him sleep, I may need one for Molly!

Sandi said...

Malia you've caught the Zillow exactly I'll bet.
Looks like it worked, El is as beautiful asleep as he is awake!!