Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Love Cakes

One of my favorite blogs posted this song and wrote about making blueberry muffins for her and her cakies yesterday.  Well.... anyone who knows me knows how much I love cake!  Big ones, small ones, layered, sheet, or cup.  I love them all!  And now I have the most perfect song in all the world to sing as I make (and eat!) my favorite food.  Thanks for sharing this song, MamaCakie.  I absolutely adore it.

And... it just so happens that I was baking up my own batch of love cakes yesterday, too. 
Chocolate Chip Cupcakes with Dark Chocolate Frosting.  Yummy.  (Debbie: my first cupcakes from my book!)  Now, if you haven't clicked on the link to listen to the song yet, do it now!  You won't be disappointed, I promise.  

I'm off to lick chocolate frosting from Elliot's fingers.  No, we didn't feed it to him, but he does keep lunging for Andrea's as she's eating it.  The baby knows a good thing when he sees it! 


debra Geraghty said...

That is the most beautiful love cake I have ever seen. Elliot knows what's good. I sent the song to Facebook too : ) Love you sweet girl.

Sara said...

that cakies!
influences all of us, doesn't she?
(she's just as darling and perfect in person...really!)

yours looks delicious!
can you mail it to me?

Malia said...

Ooh, I would if I could... in exchange for one of your adorable Yo Gabba Gabba ones, of course! :)

Sara said...