Sunday, February 21, 2010

Morning Run

It was a beautiful, sunny, spring weekend in Portland.  So energizing! On Sunday morning we met Hilary down at the waterfront for a run.  It's a 2.5 mile loop if you go between the Hawthorne and Steele bridges.  It's not a lot, but we're working our way up to our next 5K--the Shamrock Run on March 14th!  We've got our running schedule mapped out between now and then and the breakfast-following-the-race menu planned (now all we need is for Annika to register to run with us!).  

A gigantic, huge, enormous THANK YOU to Hilary for making all of this happen.  What a fun thing for all of us to be doing together!
The three of us thought we were hot stuff -- good lookin' tough early morning runners.  Elliot, however, was not so into it.  A bit too cold, a bit too loud, a bit too long to wait for nursing. 
Hopefully he can play at Max's house on race day!


Debra Geraghty said...

Oh sweet baby love! He will be happy when he knows his mommies are happy. You young women inspire me. I can see and feel the love you share. It's an amazing thing. So much love going out into the world. I am thankful for you all. Wish I could babysit on the 14th. Happy Running.

Sara said...

he is stil cute as can be, even when he is a bit grumpy!

Sue said...

Ok--I think I might have just done it!! Now I can add my comments to your wonderful journal. Let's see if this makes it...
Love you & THANKS fav niece!!!!