Sunday, March 21, 2010

DIY: Baby Legwarmers

I have this thing, where I get really anxious and worried when I see a baby's lower legs being exposed when their pants are bunched up while they're being held.  I'm sure it's fine.  No baby has ever suffered that much from having cold legs, but something about it makes me so uncomfortable.  So I've always thought that Baby Legs were the best idea ever--legwarmers for babies, brilliant!  And I was sure that when I had a baby I'd buy a dozen of them to go with each of his outfits and his little legs would never be cold.  

Well, Baby Legs cost a bit of money and, in reality, we've made-do with the one pair of hand-me-down Baby Legs that we got from Andrea's co-worker.  That is, until one day last week when we were getting ready to head out and Elliot's Baby Legs were nowhere to be found.  As you can imagine, panic set it.  Saved only by my genius idea... to make my own baby legs!  

I simply got an old pair of my socks and cut off the feet.  They worked perfectly!  Here he is modeling them without his pants on (which is, by the way, one of my favorite baby fashion statements ever!).
And now I've taken it one step further.  A quick trip to Target and a few pair of $2 knee socks, and Elliot has the most rockin' baby legwarmers ever.  

It's so easy, just cut the foot off of any pair of your socks, regular or knee length, and give the cut edge a little stretch with you fingers to make the ends curl.  It's that simple.  Baby legwarmers for all!


Sara said...

buy some knee socks, and they are great on the knees for crawling babies, too!
(and how fun to get funky patterns...seasonal and what not!)

Love the peace shoes, by the way!

Club Captain said...

I think you're not alone. I've met others who are against baby limb exposure.