Friday, March 26, 2010

Kitchen Fun

A few pictures of the boys from last week having fun exploring on the kitchen floor.  There are just some afternoons when a few cooking utensils, some plastic containers, and a couple of potatoes are exactly what you need to get you through.  And, yes, Max's sweatshirt does say 'Captain Awesome'!
It felt strangely familiar as I took these pictures. A quick look through the Mixed Baby Greens archive and I found this from January. 


Club Captain said...

Did the babies put the sweet potato in the bowl?
Yeesh - I'm going to have to send this kid some real baby toys. Toys that squeek and light-up.

Sara said..., i read a tip about dying eggs for easter...and your photo reminded me. clearly, elliot won't be a big participant THIS year...but, in my magazine, a mom wrote in that she puts the hard boiled eggs INSIDE the whisk, so her littlest can hold it, and not stick her whole hand in the dye, but hold on to the handle...genius, right?

Malia said...

Oh wow. That really is genius! You've got me picturing naked backyard baby egg dying. I can just see the blog post now!