Sunday, April 25, 2010

Goodbye Taylor Street

Today was the last day.  We have officially said goodbye to our beautiful first home.  We have many things in life to still say hello to, but, for now... goodbye, goodbye, goodbye.

Goodbye little Fuji apple tree.
Goodbye cowgirl bathroom.
Goodbye beautifully refinished fir floors.
Goodbye brick chimney that Andrea and Bethany exposed themselves.
Goodbye backyard view from the kitchen sink.
Goodbye funny short bathroom (I hope the next owners are as short as we are!).
Goodbye tall tree in the backyard.  
Goodbye cecil brunner rose, planted to remind me of Nana.
Goodbye birthday bed, made especially for me by Andrea, Annika, Hilary and Finch.
Goodbye creepy guy who lives next door.
Goodbye fence with a hula hoop on it.
Goodbye backyard deck.  Thank you for all of the wonderful bar-b-que summer nights.
What a wonderful 4 years it has been.  


amuma Deb said...

Great pictures Malia. I loved yours and Andrea's first house. It will always have a special place in my heart. I love the pictures of lifting our glasses of wine on that first day. Going from carpeting to hard wood floors. All of Sandy's wonderful household items making such a difference. Her grill and outdoor furniture that was so perfect. The new fan. The new furniture. The perfect paint colors. The best Thanksgiving Dinner visit. Talk of babies and knitting and the Dragon Boat happenings. Planning trips around Portland. Visits with families and friends. The day we moved the shed while Andrea mowed the Long grass : ) There are so many wonderful memories. Now your new adventure begins in your cute apartment. Elliot is walking with his push toy. Job hunting and planning for Elliot's first birthday. I just you all so much. I hope to see you in early June when I get out of school : ) God Bless!

Sandi said...

Sweet........and a little creepy!!

Andrea said...

This is so cute and so sweet. You are the best blogger ever.

Sara said...

OMG...that picture of your creepy neighbor made me laugh out loud.
Guess some things you will miss more than others!
Think of all the new memories to be made...and blogged!

Michelle said...

Ha ha. I can't believe you took a picture of your creepy neighbor. I will always remember how he came up to the window and asked if we needed any help with the babies - Michelle.