Saturday, April 3, 2010

Sushi Train

I don't know why we've never done it before, but we went to a place that serves sushi on a conveyor belt for the first time today.  You sit at your table and watch all of the little plates go by and pick off which ever ones you want to eat.  Then they charge you based on the number and color of plates you have.  It was so fun!
Elliot loves eating off chopsticks.  In fact, if he's being picky at home and not eating his food, often we can get him to eat if we just feed it to him from chopsticks.  Chopsticks with your sweet potatoes, anyone??  Luckily, he and I like the same kind of sushi, brown rice with avocado and cucumber, so we just shared. But today we were adventurous and also tried the sesame balls with sweet bean paste inside and they were delicious!  Both Elliot and I ate them all up. 
He and I were finished eating and he was getting a bit fussy, so I walked him over to where the cooks were preparing the sushi.  They had quite a production line set up.  They just made plate after plate of sushi and added them to the conveyor belt.  Elliot charmed them and they let me take their picture.  They even gave Elliot a cream puff, which he happily had a taste of.
Hot Pot 'n Sushi, you are our new favorite place.  So much fun!

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