Sunday, May 23, 2010

Big City Adventure

I absolutely love cities.  A vacation in San Francisco, New York, Paris or Barcelona is my idea of a good time.  Tall buildings, bustling streets, city art and public transit systems are all exciting and interesting to me.  And sometimes I take for granted that Portland has all of those things--it really is a "city."  My dad, visiting from a tiny town on Maui, had a great first trip to downtown Portland with Elliot and I.  We rode the bus, the MAX train, we got lunch at a cafe and ate in a "park" nestled in between the buildings, visited my office, and then hit the zoo.  Elliot slept through the zoo part, but loved all the rest of our adventure.  And his Papa loved it too!


amuma Deb said...

I love these pictures Malia. How could Elliot have anything else but blond hair and blue eyes! I can't wait to see him.

Sandi said...

These are great pictures of Elliot with his Papa. I would love to have prints Ipo. Please tell me how to do that and I'll get them for your Dad also.
Looks like a great day!!