Sunday, June 6, 2010

Family Love

So many wonderful things happened while we were in Boise.  All of the family got together to remember Aitxitxia.  The services were beautiful and the reception at the Basque Center was a great time to laugh and cry, watch the little ones play, eat good food, and connect.  Our smaller family also spent a lot of time together during the week.  It is so much fun to watch Elliot and his cousin, Jack, begin their relationship with one another.  My favorite part was when we got together to celebrate Elliot's Amuma's birthday by cooking her a big breakfast.  All of us kids cooked, while the babies played and Amuma drank her birthday mimosas. It was a perfect day nestled in the middle of a very loving week.  


amuma Deb said...

The memory and picture make me want to cry. You are such a blessing.

amuma Deb said...

I wanted to add to my emotional thoughts that you made the best every carrot/cake/cubcake muffins in the world. We also enjoyed eggs benedict with bacon, then more mimosa! It's a good thing the afternoon had lots of nap time. I'll have to make that cake again. And, it was the most loving week because of you, Andrea, and Elliot coming to comfort and play.