Tuesday, June 8, 2010

More! More! More!

Elliot's has two new big things in his life right now... his love of books (which has intensified lately, starting last week when he was reading with his Amuma) and his use of sign language (which is totally taking off).  When combined, it looks something like frantic signing for More! More! More! of the same book to be read over and over and over.  He is really into books that have photographs of baby faces and animals, especially dogs.  Oh, that's the other big thing in his life right now... "Da! Da! Da!"  Yes, Dogs are very exciting.  Luckily we see them all over town and in lots of his books. 
(signing "More! More! More!")
(signing "help")
(learning the sign for "book")
(signing for "book")

Elliot's expressive language skills are just amazing.  He uses first syllables accurately to "say" words and he uses signs to communicate nurse, more, help, all done, book, bird and elephant.  He also says "Mum" very clearly to say when he wants to nurse.  His receptive language is equally as impressive.  Tonight he was in the kitchen and Andrea said to him, "Elliot, do you want to read a book?" and he crawled into the living room, straight to his bookshelf, and pulled out a book.  It's amazing how much he understands and what he can communicate to us. 


amuma Deb said...

It was so special to get to see this fun developmental phase. He is so much fun!!! Reading to him is really cool because he loves it so much.

meguire said...

I'm pretty sure you son has the cutest eyebrows in the universe. Just adorable!