Sunday, June 13, 2010

What A Weekend!

Don't get me wrong about this.  I loved being a homeowner.  It was such an amazing accomplishment when Andrea and I bought a home.  I loved doing home projects and building a garden and picking out paint colors.  And now I feel like it's even more of an accomplishment to have sold a house.   Getting it cleaned up, staging, being prepared for showings.  It was all such a great experience and I loved it all, but I am sooooooo glad to NOT be a homeowner anymore!  Never once this weekend did I have to figure out when to schedule in time to mow the lawn or weed between the pavers on the patio.  I didn't have to fight with blackberries or make sure I got the trash out to the curb in time for garbage pick up on Monday morning.  I saw people all over Portland working in their yards and caring for their homes this weekend, and I'm sure they were having fun.  And I'm also sure I am so glad it wasn't me out there.  Instead, I got to fill my weekend with one fun activity after another. Just me, Andrea and Elliot, out enjoying the world. 

This weekend's line-up:
- An early morning MAX ride downtown 
- The Rose Parade, ala Portland
- A quick stop in at the mall ($2 tank tops at Old Navy, heck yeah!)
- On the walk home from the MAX station, ducking into an Asian bakery--named, of course, Gary's Bakery and Bistro--for some yummies
- A stop in to a neighborhood coffee shop 
- The first swim of the summer in our pool
- An amazing summer night dinner with The Vegans
- A trip to a quintessential Portland food cart pod to get us some Wiffies--mmmm, hand pies!
- A catch-up hike-of-the-month with She and He Vegan
- A summer-like dinner of homemade pasta salad and our new favorite cocktail
- And an evening neighborhood walk to visit the chickens

I feel so lucky.  It is a dream to have the freedom to come and go and explore and have fun without any ties or responsibilities.  And, if in the meantime the apartment gets trashed, all we're talking about is a few hundred square feet littered with some toys.  No prob, Bob!  Nothing like taking care of an entire house and a chunk of land.  This weekend was the kick-off of summer for me, and oh was it ever wonderful!

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