Friday, July 9, 2010

The Little Things

Elliot is learning so many big things right now... namely running and all things gross motor.  But he is also, quietly, learning little things, too.  Like all of a sudden he has figured out how to stab his food onto his own fork.  We don't need to steady it for him or apply the pressure or coach him with our words.  He can just sit there, eating his food with a fork.
And then, after a lifetime of watching us eat with chopsitcks, he one day picked up the clothespin that is used to hold his bib on, poked it down over a blueberry, and lifted it to his mouth.  Quietly.  All by himself.  Learning so many little things about his little world.  Simply amazing.


Sara said...

If, 10 years ago, someone told you that you would be in awe of someone using a fork, you would've laughed out loud.
It's simply amazing, and overwhelmingly wonderful.

Malia said...

Well said, Sara. Simply amazing. Overwhelmingly wonderful. :)

meguire said...

Eating a blueberry with a clothespin is the sweetest imagery. What a clever and thoughtful little boy.

amuma Deb said...

I just love seeing his sweet face and determination as he experiences life. Your day in Portland looked so wonderful. I sure hope Boise holds wonderful surprises for you all.