Saturday, October 30, 2010

Halloween Trickery

So it may look like Elliot just got a new, super cute, fuzzy, warm, homemade fleece suit, but....Add a fluffy mane, a long tail,  and one fierce ROAR and this little guy is the cutest lion on the block!

The mane was made by looping strips of fleece onto a circle of elastic.  It slips easily on and off over his head.  In fact, it's as warm as a scarf without any worry of it falling off or him pulling it off.  I'm thinking of making him one in every color for the winter.  The tail (just a strip of fleece with some fringe) is sewn onto a circle of elastic that I slip around his waist when he's wearing his costume.  He doesn't even know it's there.  Truly, the easiest, one-day, homemade, warmest, versatile and CUTE costume ever.

1 comment:

Janet said...

One word: BRILLIANT!
I'd tell you to have a fun Halloween, but I think you already have all the perfect ingredients!