Thursday, October 28, 2010

Settling In

Well hello!  It has been quite a while sine I've posted last.  Just a few things have gotten in the way, like, oh... moving into a new house, starting jobs, Portland visitors, suddenly needing to buy a second car, a sick babe, and the oh-no!-what-will-we-do-with-no-internet freak out that happens for a week or so during any move.  But, without further delay, I'd like to share a few scenes of our new sweet little home with you.  Enjoy!

Welcome.   This is our covered front porch.  A very relaxing place to sit and watch the neighborhood pass by.  It's also outfitted with an easel (my $2 yard sale score!) and a bean table to give Elliot some outdoor play without being out in the rain or upcoming snow (yikes).

We have a great little enclosed backyard, too.  Many thanks to the previous tenants who left some cherry tomato plants.  They have provided Elliot with endless enjoyment and exploration.  
The room that gets a whole lotta use is, of course, the kitchen.  It's got great windows looking over the backyard, cute painted cupboards, a nice big eating area, and the very vintage Kelvenator--the stove from the 40's.  It goes perfectly with our fiestaware, formica table, retro kitchen style.  (Oh, and that's Elliot finding out how much he loves to lick little cookie sprinkles    off his finger and crunch them in his teeth like a little chipmunk.  He was a very helpful, and very cute, halloween cookie decorating helper this morning.)

And my favorite room of the house... Elliot's bedroom/guest room.  The little bed is just right for any of our loved ones who come visiting (hint hint).  It's covered in Elliot's very special quilt that his Amuma made him when he was born.  Two of those dollies are mine from when I was a little girl and so is the Treeland School House Lamp.  The blonde dolly and the lamp were both made by my favorite Auntie Sue.  The oh-so-sweet owl painting above his crib was done by Andrea's cousin, Sarah Pilar.  Check out her etsy store for more of her great paintings.  Bumpers on Elliot's crib by his Auntie Gran (my Auntie Sue) and the vintage quilt was his Uncle Ryan's from when he was a baby.  And, as always, thank you Nikki McClure for the ever-important reminder.  Yes.  Breath.
While Elliot's room might be my favorite place in the house, our mantle is definitely my favorite thing in the house.  Yes, a real mantle with a read fire place.  Ever since the first time I saw this house I have been day dreaming about what I might adorn my mantle with and what my rotating seasonal displays might have.  Well, here's my first shot at it.  My glass collection (bottles from random thrift stores and one even found buried under our house in Portland by the people doing some construction work for us; glass floats from my great-grandma Marge).  And I just love my wee fall display.  A beautiful pumpkin.  An amazing leaf.  And three little acorns all in a row.  Elliot loves to take their "hats" on and off oh-so-carefully.
So, there you have it.  Some highlights from our sweet little house.  And now that you've gotten a little glimpse, don't you want to come and visit in person??!  We love visitors!

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amuma Deb said...

I can't wait to steal some of your amazing ideas for seasonal decorating : ) Your creativity is inspirational.