Wednesday, November 24, 2010

16 Degrees

That was the temperature outside today.  The HIGH temperature.  Ouch.  Good thing this cold front is a fluke and not the norm here in Boise, or in the entire snowed in/freezing west coast for that matter.  So... what does one do when frozen in for the day with a toddler?  Make playdough, of course! 

First you mix the dry ingredients:

Then you stir in the wet ingredients (we chose blue because Elliot is pretty good at identifying things that are blue... "Bue!"):

Finish by mixing with your hands until combined:

And enjoy!
My one-time-use, so easy, no cook playdough:

2 parts flour
1 part salt
Stir in :
1 part water 
1 quick squeeze of food coloring
Then mix with your hands until fully combined.

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