Friday, November 5, 2010

Gathering Leaves

Our new neighborhood is full of big, beautiful trees and it has been the most splendid sight to see them change colors this fall.  Elliot and I couldn't pass up a chance to go gathering. I'm thinking of stringing a garland out of our collection to add to our fall mantle. 


Janet said...

On Tuesday morning at Molly's parent-and-me class (I actually call it "Nana-and-Me") the teacher showed the kids all sorts of fall stuff - a scarecrow, some leaves, seed pods, etc. So on the way to the car Molly and I stopped to choose some colorful ones to take home to share. When Jack and I did Nana-and-Me, he had done the same thing, so this was an ah-hah moment. At any rate...yesterday when I arrived at Sara's for my Thursday date with her, I found most of them crumpled on the area rug in the living room - LOL - and found that my first job of the day was to vacuum. The photos are beautiful; they remind me of all the raking and leaf-jumping we did when I was a kid in Pennsylvania.

Malia said...

Ahh yes, sometimes fall leaves are good for collecting or good for sorting or good for decorating with... or good for crumpling! :)

amuma Deb said...

He'll fit that basket before you know it. In the meantime, he is strong enough to haul it around the neighborhood. What a fun time.