Monday, November 22, 2010

Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow

Look at that little face!  Can you even stand it?  The snow over the past few days, Elliot’s first real snow, has quickly changed the mood here from Fall to Winter.  Suddenly the pumpkins, still sitting on the front porch and on top of our mantle, look terribly unseasonable.  Snapping pictures of this little snow baby today made me want to dig out our twinkly lights, spread pine boughs along the mantle, and start making this year’s Christmas card!  Last year we made a photo card for Elliot's first Christmas using Shutterfly.  I loved the simple design of the card we chose (and am even toying with the idea of using it again because I just love how simple and clean it is while still giving me lots of photo spaces).  And since I got a new camera this year (thanks again, Nan!), I have so many pictures to choose from.  I doubt I'll be able to stop at just the Christmas card.  Watch out, loved ones... pictures of Elliot plastered all over calendars, mugs, and wall decals (no way?!) will be arriving in your mailboxes any day now.  Shutterfly makes it so easy.  And who doesn't want to look at that sweet little face each time you rest your drink on the coffee table?  Oh Shutterfly, you know exactly what I want!


Sara said...

Omg. That last picture kills me! Sooooo cute....and brrrrrrrrrr!

amumadeb said...

What could be cuter and sweeter and full of wonder. I just love these pictures. I would definitely put that little face all over my walls.