Monday, December 6, 2010

Cookie Monsters

As I write this I'm devouring one of Andrea's inside-out carrot cake cookies (and dreaming about Maria's peppermint chocolate cookies, and Julia's chocolate chip cookies, and Kirstin's snickerdoodles, and....).  Yes, cookie exchanges can make you feel a bit cookie-obsessed.  And with 9 different cookies on the table, there was plenty to get obsessed about.  But the best part of our cookie exchange party was watching the 6 little boys that were here all playing together.  Yes, 6 of them!  Can you find them all?  
They played, decorated cookies, wrestled (you got to get all that sugar out somehow!), and they even all sat on the couch for the obligatory and oh-so-cute group photo.
Elliot was in cookie heaven.  I'm pretty sure he ate more cookies, sprinkles and chocolate chips in one afternoon than he's eaten in his whole life combined.  Yes, happy happy happy boy!  And sweet enough to share.  


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amuma Deb said...

What a fun and special event Malia. I am so blessed to be there to witness the love and fun. Here's to next year.