Sunday, December 26, 2010

Coolest Kid On The Block

Yeah, that's right.  Elliot's Uncle Kaua got him what every 15 year old boy asked for this year.  Don't mind the fact that Elliot is only one and a half.  He can hang with the big boys.


Uncle Kaua said...

Love these photos!!! You're ripping Elliot!

amuma Deb said...

Should we start saving for a Bogus ski pass for next year? Elliot looks like he's hooked for sure.

Marin said...

Watch out, Malia...I see Leif ALL OVER your little Elliot! Skateboarding at 18 months, cute as a button, smart as can be, and witty in the making (whatever that looks like at almost 2, Elliot has it, as did Leif). He'll be asking for skinny jeans in no time. Love you guys. marin