Thursday, January 27, 2011


It was only half way through the morning and we had already read fourteen books.   And each one of them were read numerous times.  Elliot's attention span for sitting and listening to stories has skyrocketed recently.  And, best of all, he's even loving full-story paper page books now, not just shortened board books.  And we've started a new ritual of having him choose three books to read before bed time and it's provided so many new learning opportunities.  A few nights in a row he brought four books to the couch and we had to negotiate which he would put back to get it down to three.  Hard to do for such a little guy, but he did it amazingly.  Then, tonight, I told him it was time to pick three books to read before nursing and he went to his shelf, selected one and brought it to me saying, "onnnne."  Went back and chose another and brought it to me saying, "twooooo."  And then went back to pick a third and brought it to me saying (by now we were holding our breath in disbelief), "threeeeee."  No way!  He just counted out his books, one two three??!  Amazing.  Every day.  Tantrums and monster moments and all.  He is simply amazing.  I can't wait to read 14 more books tomorrow morning.  

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amuma Deb said...

Your family makes me smile. I just love how Elliot is being raised. My grandkids are going to be such great negotiators.