Friday, January 7, 2011

Open Wide

Elliot had his first dentist appointment and it was great!  He went to a wonderful pediatric dentist with a waiting room that was awesome enough to want to go back and just play on cold or rainy days.  And the staff are all trained to first tell, then show, then do.  Elliot didn't get as far as an actually cleaning, but he did let them practice with the "tickle brush" on his teeth and the dentist took a quick look at his teeth and declared them healthy and strong (a huge relief for this Mumma who feels a lot of responsibility for maintaining the health of his teeth during this stage of his development).  We left with a special toy, a new toothbrush, and an appointment for six months out.  Oh, and did I mention a relieved Mumma.  Yeah, we left with that, too.  


amuma Deb said...

Ohhhh trusting sweetness. I just appreciate people who love and think about babies and toddlers as such precious and sensitive loving little beings.

Andrea said...

This is a great post following the one about the giant cookie!