Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Water Can Baby

Our oh-so-beautiful best friend, Meguire, and her lovely Mr. Walsh came for a very special visit.  See... Meguire and  Ryan are expecting their fist baby this coming November AND it was Meguire's birthday while they were here!  A besty, a baby belly and a birthday, all rolled into one.  Oh heaven!  There was lots of playing (both adults and child), some guy bonding time over one of Elliot's favorite movies, and lots of wonderful cake.  It was a perfect and very special weekend.  We can't wait to meet this special little babe, whom Elliot has lovingly named Water Can Baby.  Little Water Can Baby, you have wonderful parents and are surrounded by many who love you dearly.  Safe journey.  We'll see you soon.    


meguire said...

Awww. Miss the three of you so much already. I love that pic of me outside at the table, where if you look closely, there is a tiny little hand on my arm. Such a cute little hand! I love you tons!

amuma Deb said...

That tiny little hand on both of their arms is so telling of Elliot's loving ways.