Thursday, August 25, 2011

A Trip To The Fair

Ask Elliot what he got to do at the fair this year and he'll tell you, "A maaaan give you a baaalll, and you throwwww it in a waaater!" And, sure enough, it's true.  A carny gave Elliot a little ping pong ball for free to try throwing into his slowly spinning pool of water.  A ploy to get a child hooked so that the parents feel compelled to pay.  But, alas, Elliot is only two, he does not have very good aim (though he did make it into the water!), and we were able to distract him with something else once the ball was out of his hand.  But while the carny might not have made any money off of us, clearly the memory was worth a million for Elliot. 

Keep asking and he might also tell you that he got to pet "a baaaaby goaaaat."  (He has a way of drawing out his words for emphasis.)  And, that, he did.
As for other fair highlights that he's not so quick to recall... he flipped when he saw the big ice cream cones in the sky, he ate his way through one heck of a cob of corn, and he rode his first ride--twice.  Yep.  It was a good year at the fair.


Sara said...

He is just beautiful.
I wish I could meet him!
(and take his picture!)

amuma Deb said...

What great pictures. I'm so glad you all went to the fair. I'd love to have these pics. Petting a baby goat, oh my. He's a wonder. We just love him so much.