Sunday, November 6, 2011

'Cool Days

A few weeks ago Elliot transitioned from home-care with Kelly to group-care in the childcare center at my work.  To help ease this transition (maybe more for me, than for him), I made Elliot a new nap blanket (he picked out the robot fleece and the matching blue backing himself!) and a little backpack to carry his things in each day.  It felt really good to sew these mumma-made things to help us talk about school in the few days leading up to his first day, and it felt even better to say goodbye to him each morning knowing that he would literally be wrapped up in my love during his day.  Even with these extra things, the transition was/is still very hard.  The tears have lessened (both his and mine), and he's more willing to separate from me and go to the comfort of his teachers each morning.  But it is so very, very clear that Elliot loves his "stay at home days" way more than he likes his " 'cool days."  And, quite honestly, so do I.

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