Wednesday, December 7, 2011


Disregard the dirty, snotty face... Elliot's had his fair share of colds since starting school.  It's the concentration on his face that caught my attention in these pictures.  It's this level of concentration and focus that is a double edged sword for us right now.  It's amazing that Elliot has such strong interests and focus on things in his world.  He's really stinking smart because of it!  But having such an intense level of concentration on everything also makes it really difficult for him to just relax.  

School is still  difficult, though we think his separation anxiety is easing up a bit.  He still asks ALL OF THE TIME where his Mamas are (whether we are sitting right there with him or not), or where we are going, or if it's a school day or not.  And he still asks his teachers ALL DAY LONG where his Mamas are.  Did I mention he has an intense level of concentration??  Yeah.  But we know he's not crying during the day at school.  And we are also getting some reports of his interactions with the other children.  But it's basically that he just doesn't relax into his day.  He's hyper-focused on things in his world, both in a good way... and in a challenging way.

It's so interesting to still be learning new things about this little guy two and a half years later, not to mention thinking about him for a lifetime!  We didn't at all expect this school anxiety situation, nor do we know how it will play out in the long run.  But, whether it's in a good way or a challenging way, I am so grateful to be along for the ride!

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Sara said...

Jack didn't have the anxiety, but, the intense-ness, is STILL very obvious.
I read, and need to re-visit the book called "the Highly Sensitive Child"...

It really, really helped me "get" his angle and perspective.