Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Hike of the Month :: February

We did the Hike-of-the-Month again, as featured in the February issue of Portland Monthly. This month's hike took us to a forested area along the Willamette River that opened up to a marshy lagoon. The park is called the Mary S. Young Park.  It's relatively flat, more like a stroll, but beautiful all the same.

We were lucky enough to have one of our very favorite visitors joining us... BETHANY!!!  Up here from San Francisco, preforming with the Bay Area Derailleurs, she is an absolute delight!

She took this (sassy) family pic.  (I think Elliot is the sassiest, with his SG coming in at a very close second.)

And the happiest!  Oh happy, happy, happy baby.

Especially when he's doing you-know-what.  And, yes, I am nursing while hiking with him in the Ergo carrier in this picture.  We passed another mom on the trail doing this and I had to try it.  Only in Portland!


Best friend beauties...

B: "Let's play Simon and Garfunkel in the bushes and have our picture taken!"
M: "Okay!"
B: "I'll be Simon."
M: "Hey, I want to be Simon."
B: "Okay, then I'll be Garfunkel."
M: "Wait, maybe I want to be Garfunkel."

It was a fun and silly time, as times usually are with Bethany.  All made extra special by her getting to meet Elliot for the first time.  We were so glad for her company.

My hope is to do the Hike-of-the-Month each month and have them list in the sidebar.  That way any local readers can take a look as maybe get an idea for a fun and silly time of your own.  Enjoy!

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Debra Geraghty said...

What a beautiful and memorable day for all of you. May I add that Bethany has the most beautiful heart to go along with her smile. It was so wonderful to share time with her while in Portland. And our little Elliot, he is such a beautiful happy baby. It lifts my heart just to see his smile and know he is so incredibly loved. I am the luckiest person in the world. I just love my peeps. Amuma.