Sunday, February 28, 2010


This weekend was busy and productive.  We checked two very springy things off our list... Andrea did our taxes (yay!!!!) and I did hours and hours of yard work (finally!!!).  

In true new-parent fashion, our days started early.  I was out in the yard by 8:00am.  And to give Andrea the quiet time she needed to crunch the numbers, I had Elliot out with me for a bit.  While it did warm up and get really nice by Sunday afternoon, Saturday morning was still a bit chilly.
There's nothing I love more than a productive weekend, especially when I'm the one getting to do the yard work and someone else is doing the taxes!


Sue said...

That kid is sooooo tactile!!! You can just see him looking at and thinking about how something will feel before he touches it!!!
Looks so comfy all snuggled up...

debra Geraghty said...

I like Elliot learning about nature. I like Andrea getting the taxes done so it's one less thing to worry about. I like Malia doing what she loves in the yard. I like this family who I really love, love, love. Welcome springtime.

Malia said...

I like your I Like List. <3