Monday, March 1, 2010

We're So Lucky

Elliot has been feeling pretty crummy this last week. He has a terrible cough and a ton of congestion in his lungs. His breathing is gurgled and raspy and loud. The advice nurse said it's not that he's overly sick, it's just that babies don't know how to cough the fluid out of their lungs yet and if he doesn't have a fever then it's not too big of a concern. In the meantime, he's spent the last week being very clingy, doing a lot of nursing, and erupting into the most heartbreaking coughing fits.


This morning, when Andrea dropped him off at our childcare-share family, she told Max's mom that she could call us if he got worse or had a bad day. But this morning, instead of getting a call that he's sick and we need to come get him, we get an email with these pictures of him eating his breakfast with her this morning.
Her note said, "Just wanted to touch base and let you both know that, so far, Elliot is having the best day EVER! He fought a little bit going down for his morning nap, but he's is now sleeping soundly and the rest of the morning has been GREAT!"


How lucky are we to have such a great family to care for Elliot? Thank you so much, Michelle! Clearly, Elliot loves you all as much as we do.

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debra Geraghty said...

This sweet face sure looks like his Nan Sandy : )

Thanks for sharing with us how fun is day is Malia. He is such a sweet love.