Monday, March 15, 2010

Hike of the Month :: March

The March hike-of-the-month out of the Portland Monthly magazine took us to Lacamas Creek Park in Camas, WA.  It was a gorgeous wooded trail that followed the river... at times peaceful and meandering, at others swollen and spilling over falls. 
We knew the trail was taking us to something called Round Lake, but we didn't know we'd happen upon this most beautiful, serene lake with a trail to follow all the way around. 
It was so inviting it was all we could do to keep from jumping in, especially when we found this rope swing.  You'd better believe come summer I'll be posting pictures of us swinging and splashing!
But, given the drizzly spring day, we stayed cozied up in our jackets and just spent some time gazing out at the peaceful scene.
For the most part, the 4.3 mile hike was pretty easy, but there were a few hills that we hit once Andrea strapped Elliot onto her back.  I love her getting a helping hand in this picture.  Elliot's even throwing his weight into it (pun intended!).
The four of us had so much fun.  Well... once Elliot took his nap for the first half of it, he had fun.  Oooh, those dimples... oh my!
I just love this baby so much.  He makes all of our outings so much more fun!

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Just beautiful Malia!