Sunday, March 14, 2010

Shamrock Run

Today was race day.  22,000 Portlanders--including us!-- crowded downtown to be a part of Shamrock Run. This annual tradition is a fundraiser for the local children's hospital and is known for its large crowds, costumed runners, little kid's leprechaun lap, and the free tickets for beer and chowder following the race (both of which we passed on--the crowds make it so not worth it).

It was a cold, early morning--34 degrees and an 8:05am start time.  Annika and her roommate, Rebekah, made sure to do some pre-race stretches.

And runner-supreme Hilary did what she called her "drills."  She's so tough.

It was only a 5k, but we had a great time.  Hilary ran ahead and did 7 minute miles.  Rebekah crossed the finish line in 10 minute miles.  And Andrea, Annika and I brought up the rear with steady and strong 12 minute miles.

And, for some reason, a local bread maker was giving out free loaves of bread at the end.  So here we are with our loaves!

It was a super fun morning, followed by a big brunch at our house: tofu and egg scrambles with vegetables, a homefry bar, and molasses pecan sticky bun pile.  Elliot went to Max's for a pancake breakfast party, but joined back up with us for our brunch (breakfast party hopping--smart kid!).  Hilary's already talking about Bridges to Brews, an 8k this summer.  Leave it to Portland to figure out how to give out free beer after another of its races.  But... will they be handing out bread loaves there, too?  I don't know, it may be a deal breaker.

PS--does anyone else think Andrea looks just a little bit like a leprechaun in each of her pictures??!

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Oh I love you girls!!!!