Thursday, April 15, 2010

I Am So Thankful For Thursdays

My transition to motherhood was a bit more challenging than I expected.  Hard to adjust to all of the changes in my life.  Things have certainly smoothed out now, but not without many, many thanks to my dear friend Hilary.  For seven months now Hilary has been coming over almost every Thursday to play with me, Elliot and our friend Max.  Weather permitting, we pack everyone up and walk Mt. Tabor, all the while talking, laughing and playing.  She is truly a wonderful friend.  So dedicated, smart, funny, spirited.  She's just wonderful.  And now, with the sale of our house and our move into an apartment, today marked the last Thursday for us to walk Mt. Tabor together.  She'll still be joining us for fun times, but we will have to say goodbye to all of our favorite Tabor routes and Babytown fun.
Thank you so much, Hilary.  I am blessed to have such a good friend.  Here's to a lifetime "Thursdays" together.  xoxo.

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Sandi said...

You can tell both the boys love Hilary. I know Thursday's have been a bright spot in the week for all of you. Now you'll have to find a new path for your walks.