Friday, April 16, 2010

I Like Fridays

How fun to get to read the I Like List from those of you who left a love note to last week's post.  So... here we go.  In no particular order.  The official Mixed Baby Greens I Like List (thus far):

I like ceiling fans.
I like sunshine.
I like my camera.
I like cherry flavored vitamins.
I like power tools.
I like new crayons.
I like chocolate chips.
I like escaping.
I like fresh sheets.
I like beer.
I like visitors.
I like ranunculus flowers.
I like mirrors.
I like iced coffee on a hot day.
I like reading Jack's journal.
I like climbing.
I like going for a walk.
I like cashmere.
I like things that go "bang" and "boom."
I like Kettle Chips.
I like sunny Saturdays.
I like scented candles.
I like my classroom.
I like throwing sippy cups.
I like fancy cakes.
I like duct tape.
I like the neighbor's Newfoundland dog, Kingsly.
I like peanut butter and chocolate.
I like facebook.
I like yogurt with maple syrup.
I like coffee.
I like when Elliot laughs when he sees a dog.
I like Bella the dog.
I like library books.
 I like playing frisbee.
I like awesome pens.
I like I Like Lists.
I like blog lurking.

Ha ha, a funny way to end.  I like blog lurking, too.  But I've also found out how much I like leaving and receiving comments on blogs, too.  Thanks to all of you who shared your I Like Lists.  I hope your day is filled with all of the things you like.  Don't forget to check out Elliot's 4 new I Like foods and my 4 I Like blogs that I updated on the sidebar today.  Those get changed every Friday.  And for those of you Mixed Baby Greens admirers who didn't leave a love note with your I Like List yet, it's not too late.  Just click below where it says "love note" and share with us.  What's on your I Like List....?

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