Friday, April 9, 2010

I Like Friday

A while back I posted about I Like Lists.  Did you know that every Friday I change my and Elliot's I LIke Lists on the sidebar of this page?  His is usually updated with four new foods that he is especially liking that week.  And mine is four blogs that I especially like and want to share with your readers.  So don't forget to check out the I Like Lists on Fridays for new Mixed Baby Greens tidbits.  

Today's I Like List, in pictures.
(Trips to the neighborhood Asian markets with Elliot; Elliot's new sweet ride--thanks for lending it to us Chifumi, Chris and Noah!; beautiful spring tulips that we pass on our way up Mt. Tabor; Elliot's first time on a swing; when Elliot falls asleep while the sun is still up; Fun Friday homemade pizza tradition)

Now here's what I'm thinking, dear readers.  Number one, I am especially curious who you all are.  In the blogging-world, those of us who look at other people's blogs but don't leave comments are called lurkers, a terrible name, I know.  I like to think of you more as admirers.  So, dear admirers, I love that you take time out of your day to check out the updates on Mixed Baby Greens and I would love even more to know a bit about you.  Which brings me to my second point... I'm curious about what would be on your I Like List.  So, sweet Mixed Baby Greens admirers, tell me what's on your I Like List.  Leave a love note below with your list and next Friday I'll put them all together and make one big Mixed Baby Greens I Like List.  It will be a snapshot of all of us and what we like.

Okay, click on the Love Note link below and leave your I Like List.  I'll go first....


Malia said...

I like ranunculus flowers.
I like chocolate chips.
I like when Elliot laughs when he sees a dog.
I like sunny Saturdays.
I like I Like Lists.

Elliot said...

I like ceiling fans.
I like throwing sippy cups.
I like climbing.
I like the neighbor's newfoundland dog, Kingsly.
I like visitors.
I like mirrors.
I like escaping.

Andrea said...

I like coffee.
I like Kettle Chips.
I like sunshine.
I like library books.
I like awesome pens.

Sara said...

and, I love:
My camera
My classroom
New crayons
Reading Jack's journals
blog lurking...

David P said...

Max likes : Bella the dog, yogurt with maple syrup, things that go "bang" and "boom", going for walks, cherry flavored vitamins.

Michelle likes : iced coffee on a hot day, fancy cakes, fresh sheets, cashmere, scented candles.

David likes : power tools, playing frisbee, peanut butter and chocolate, beer, duct tape.