Sunday, April 11, 2010

Zoo Day

Elliot's first trip to the zoo!  I loved showing him the giraffe.  It took him a minute, but he did find it.  However, the oh-so-exotic crow in the tree next to us captured most of his attention.
He definitely saw the monkeys.  Elliot and his Monkey, looking at the monkey.  So cute.
And some underwater time with his Mama.  Elliot loved it down here.  So quiet and cool.
He also had some special time getting to know a dear little friend of mine.  Elliot liked watching the elephants a little bit, but he spent most of his time watching and playing with his new friend.  He is such a people person!
I would say, all in all, this little animal had a great first trip to the zoo.
As a side-note, I thought it was so awesome that I found a spot that was posted with the international breastfeeding symbol.  It was set off to the side near a quiet area with a bench overlooking the elephant enclosure.  Way to go, Oregon Zoo!


amuma Deb said...

What a fun special day. The one with his little friend is so sweet. I loved the one with his mama too very much. He is growing and developing soooo fast. Thanks for sharing.

Sara said...

i am hoping that elephants don't lift their legs like some dogs before they pee...otherwise, that trainer is in serious danger!!

Love the pics!
We took Jack to the zoo all the time, too!