Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Rockaway Beach

Some of my favorite moments of Elliot's birthday weekend were the times he spent on the beach with his Nan and Papa.  It was so special that both my mom (from San Francisco) and dad (from Maui) came to be with us.  His Amuma and Grandpa on Andrea's side weren't able to make it, but we talked about how much they would have both loved the beach house.  Maybe some day we'll have pictures with each of them to add to this collection.


amuma Deb said...

What blessings our grandchildren are. I can't wait to meet Elliot's Nan and Papa. These pictures tell it all about love and family and life continuing on in our next generations. Our precious Elliot has brought us all so much joy already in his first year. His loving moms have shared their love of him and for us that has rippled out into the world and I thank you both for that. Right now Ixtixta is listening to my stories about visiting Portland and playing with him this summer. The message for my dad is that life goes on and he can be our angel. I love you all.

Sara said...

love his cheeks so much!