Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Hike of the Month :: April

Hike-of-the-month update:  We did a good job exploring the suggested monthly hikes from the Portland Monthly magazine during January, February and March, but then we sold our house in April (no hiking) and were consumed with 1st birthday celebrations in May (no hiking) and now it's June.  So we're backtracking just a bit.  Come along with me.... welcome to April!
The Vegans joined us for a sweet little "hike" (Portland Monthly uses his word very loosely) to Camassia Natural Area.  It was just a short, one mile loop, but it passed through a swamp, a meadow, and beautiful forested areas and had rock outcroppings that dated back to almost 20,000 years ago.  And if we had actually gotten to this hike in April like was suggested, there would have been a ton of beautiful wildflowers.

My favorite part was that it was an interpretive loop and they had guide brochures at the entrance with descriptions of what you were passing along the route.  And, yes, I was the narrator for the day.

Minus the snakes (which Hilary and I were NOT happy about) it was a beautiful way to spend a sunny afternoon. 


Sara said...

he is so dreamy :)

amuma Deb said...

Oh, I feel like I was with you. Happy Day. So glad you have so many loves in your life!