Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Sweet Marin

What do you get when you mix a long overdue visit with a very dear friend + four little ones + a rainstorm?  Well you get a lovely trip to the neighborhood coffee shop (because it was literally POURING, so no picnic or park for us), some pictures that came out only okay (because who has time to stop and take any good photos when you're chasing four little guys and trying to catch up with each other as quickly as possible?), and a whole lotta smiles.  That's what you get!

Look at these beauties.  My lovely friend from college, Marin, stopped through town with her little guys Leif and Kai.  I haven't seen Leif since he was Elliot's age and he's now five and a half!  And I've never met little Kai.  What a treat to spend the day with them.  One of these days we'll do the same, and pop into their neck of the woods.  I've always wanted to visit Asheville, NC.  And these three give me all the reason in the world to make that happen.  Much love to you as you continue on your West Coast road trip.  May you have many more smiles, comfy coffee shops and rainstorms along your way!


Sandi said...

Oh what fun!! The boys are beautiful and Marin looks great. What a fun way to spend the summer visiting old friends and seeing how each others family has grown.
If she's still there give her a big hug from me. XOXO Sandi/Nan

Sara said...

i love all the love around you :)