Saturday, July 31, 2010

Food Carts: Sonny Bowl and Sweet Wheels

Friday was my last day at work, and also the final food cart extravaganza lunch.  We didn't have much time to research and decide where we would go, but I was sure I wanted to squeeze in a trip to Sweet Wheels, a roving food cart that serves only cupcakes.  I knew it going to be at SW 2nd and Oak on Friday at noon, so we decided to grab lunch from Sonny Bowl (since neither of us had been there and it was just one block away from our cupcake destination) then swing by Sweet Wheels (because, as I said before, dessert is always the right idea), and then we headed down to the waterfront to meet up with Andrea and Elliot for a quick lunch.  

So here's the lunch cart low-down for the day...  Sonny Bowl is a vegan cart option that offers three different "bowls" of food.  We both chose the black bean, brown rice, mexican themed bowl.  It was good.  Better than I was expecting, actually.  Very filling, neither of us finished ours, and very flavorful.

But the clear winner for me were the cupcakes from Sweet Wheels.  There were only three varieties left when we got there, so we bought one of each (of course!).  Chocolate with fresh strawberry frosting (the frosting was amazing), vanilla with chocolate frosting (my favorite cake of all three varieties), and the winner by far... coconut with cream cheese frosting.  It was so good!  Sweet wheels doesn't have a set location, so you have to check in on Facebook or Twitter each day to find out where they are, and I suggest you do.  And when you're there, cross your fingers that they still have some coconut cupcakes left.  You will be in for a very yummy treat.

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Andrea said...

Who's that stray child stealing a bite of your cake?