Sunday, August 1, 2010

The Piggy Bank Fund

 I am certainly no authority on dive bars, but I do know a good one when I see one.  Dark, loud music, friendly bartenders, lots of posters and neon lights on the walls, pool, video poker, and big comfy booths. Thatcher's is all that, emphasis on the on the big booths and friendly bartenders.  We used to live just a few blocks from it and were regulars pre-Elliot... well, we went there more times than anywhere else and we always sat in the same booth.  I think that kind of makes us regulars.  Did I mention they make awesome burgers and the best "special" sauce?  Yeah, Thatcher's is all that.When Andrea, Annika and I lived together we had a joint piggy bank for all of our pocket change.  We agreed that we would let it accumulate as much as we could then have big Thatcher's blow-out and spend all of the piggy bank money on video poker.  Seems like the right idea, don't you think?!
Well, here we are, just two weeks left in Portland and our sweet friend Emily in town.  Seemed like the perfect time to cash in the bank.  In total we had $64 to blow.  Of course, Andrea was the only winner in the group.  She swears it's because of her positive attitude.  I think I'm just too focused on my awesome burger and bottomless fries to be be good at anything else.  Regardless, it was a perfect few hours away from the babe, enjoying one of our iconic Portland hang outs.  And, we all agreed, the perfect way to blow our piggy bank fund.   

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