Thursday, July 15, 2010

We Heart Max's Family

We got to spend a lovely evening in Max's backyard with his mom and dad.  Michelle made a delicious tapas spread and David's homebrew was on tap.  The boys' Wednesday sitter, Tamara, even came for some happy hour fun.

Before we went over, Elliot and I took a trip to Portland Nursery to pick out a gift for Max's family.  First we picked out some flowers, then put them back for a raspberry bush, then finally settled on two perfect blueberry bushes.  The boys both LOOOOOVE blueberries, so I figured they would give Max and his mom and dad many years of yummy eating and remembering how wonderful the boys' first year was together.   (Elliot was sure we picked the right bush because he sampled the berries while we were still at the nursery.) 
As is turning out to be the case whenever I'm enjoying a fun time with friends, I end up spending more of my energy enjoying the people and setting and connections than I spend taking pictures.  When I'm home with the boys or when Andrea and I are out for a weekend adventure, I can spend as much time as I want snapping a gazillion pictures.  But on this night, I was enjoying the hanging out way too much to dig the camera out and disrupt my engagement with the moment.  So, in the end, I snapped a few goodbye shots that managed to capture the laid back, delicious, summery evening, but nowhere near the huge amount of pics that I normally have to comb through to find just the right ones to post.  Any other bloggers have this same experience?  

(Max and his Mama Michelle enjoying her yummy cobbler; Elliot and Tamara;  David on Bella duty)

Two more weeks with Max's family, then Max starts at a wonderful childcare home with a bunch of other kiddos and we get ready to head to Boise.  Max has got the perfect laid back personality to do really well in a group setting.  It won't be the same at Babytown with Elliot, but nothing will ever quite compare to the wonderful first year these two boys spent together.  


Sara said...

I've become the official camera mom at our playdates and always take too many! I literally feel sick when I forget my camera. Sometimes I force myself to leave it at home, when I know I need to just enjoy. But if its with me, its around my neck. And if Its around my neck, its being used!
I know you will miss Max and his family. What blessings you are, and will be to each other.

amuma Deb said...

What a very special entry Malia. These pictures are perfect and say it all. It looks as if Elliot understands the significance of this blueberry bush choosing. You reaped what you sowed in your wonderful first year for Elliot and Max. It is a beautiful life you and Andrea share with all who love you. God truly blesses me every day with the energy you all put out in the world.

Michael - Innkeeper said...

aww! how sweet. what a perfect gift. the gift that keeps on giving. beautiful pics!

Anonymous said...

The bushes are in and growing, thanks guys!