Saturday, August 28, 2010

Indiana On My Mind

Welcome back, from Indiana.  We have just enjoyed the most wonderful week in North Vernon, Indiana, with cousins Austin and Traci, Auntie Granny and Uncle Gramps, Nan, Nana and Grammy.  What a visit! 

There was a whole lotta water play.  Fun, fun, fun.
A bunch of dog cuddling.  Snuggle, snuggle, snuggle.
And a weeks-worth of gabbing.  Love, love, love.  
We also had a trip to the urgent care to have a tick removed from under Elliot's arm (yuck!).  And this was Elliot's first time meeting some of my most favorite relatives, and specifically his first time meeting his great-grandma Nana.  We are lucky, lucky, lucky in so many ways.  The only thing missing at this point is more time to spend with our loved ones in Indiana.  What a great week we had.  We can't wait to go back again for more water playing, dog cuddling, and gabbing.  

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Sara said...

He's just growing bigger with every post. Bigger and sweeter. Glad you had such nice to see your mom in the pictures!