Thursday, August 19, 2010

Water Day

The sun in Idaho is bright and the heat is hot.  It's desert heat, and we're not used to it.  This little toddler needs to get out in the world to move and explore and be loud and run, but that's hard to do when it's so hot out.  So today, we did what one does when you need get your ya-yas out but stay cool while you're doing it.  We played in the water.  Three times in three different places in three different ways!  The fountain, the Boise River, and the good old fashion sprinkler.  It was the perfect solution to staying cool outside.


Sara said...

lOVE the river pics!

amuma Deb said...

So, so, sweet. I love Elliot's creative moms who think outside the "hot" box of Idaho for his experiences. This morning Kevin said, "this is a lonely house this morning." : ( But we have to share and Indiana and New York will be happier than ever now. Have a wonderful time!!