Wednesday, September 1, 2010

He Loves It

Elliot loves the Boise River.  And so do I.  We are lucky enough to be living right across the street from it right now.  This beautiful spot that we splashed around in today is literally right across the street from Andrea's parent's house.  It is quiet and peaceful, cool and refreshing, and it smells so good.  It is quickly becoming my favorite go-to place.  My new Mt. Tabor.  A place that lets me feel like I'm worlds away from civilization and real life while filling me with that tranquil feeling that only a deep submersion into nature can do.  And Elliot... he splashes and throws rocks and waves sticks around until he's covered in water droplets.  He doesn't hold back.  Just marches right in.  It is a truly wonderful way to spend an afternoon... for both of us.

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