Thursday, September 30, 2010

Water Day

I invited some cousins and their little ones over for an end-of-summer Water Day.  John brought little Liam and baby Owen and Laura brought Elliot's cousin Jack.  The boys had a ton of fun... scooping and pouring water, making a squirt bottle mural, fishing, rescuing animals stuck in icebergs, and eating plenty of watermelon. 
Elliot even tried his hardest to get Owen in on the fun.  Yes... he did just dump that bucket of water and, yes, it did almost go all over Owen.  Little stinker. 


John Wood said...

This was such a good fun time! Thanks Malia!!! The boys loved it.

Selby said...

Hi Malia: Was inspired to check out your blog tonight! Everything looks wonderful and I was amazed at how big Elliot is! I'm thinking that your holiday season will be a blast this year! Have fun! :) Selby