Sunday, October 10, 2010

Pumpkin Patch

After a very long week (I got a job and we put a deposit on a rental in the North End and are preparing to move next week--ack!), we enjoyed a wonderful weekend visit from Elliot's Spiritual Guardian, Annika.  After showing her all the best Boise has to offer (at least the best that I've found so far... Big City Coffee, the greenbelt bike path, the North End,  Zoo Boise, and the Basque Block), we finished off the weekend with a trip to the pumpkin patch.  We drove out to the beautiful farmlands surrounding Boise to Cabalo's Orchard and Gardens.  This organic farm in Kuna, ID, has a u-pick apple orchard, organic turkeys that you can order for Thanksgiving (butchered or live), a farm stand, an awesome tractor ride, and the most wonderful pumpkin patch I've ever been to.  Instead of just a dirt field with pumpkins laying on top, this was a wonderfully weedy field with twisted vines and pumpkins of all sizes and shapes.  Elliot was his usual farm-stoic self.  He's never appeared to be that outwardly excited by farms--well, unless blueberries are involved.  But Andrea, Annika and I were all smiles.  And I picked my fill of pumpkins and can't wait to put them out on our new front porch.  Thanks for a wonderful weekend, Annika.  Here's to many more years of laughing at how grumpy Elliot is at the pumpkin patch.


Sara said...

Cutest grump ever!

meguire said...

You all look beautiful. Andrea, I love the pony tail! And Elliot is such a handsome little boy.

Sandi said...

I think his Nan needs to take him to a farm and show him how wonderful it can be!!
Still cute, even when he's grumpy!!