Monday, May 30, 2011

Sun Valley

A weekend hanging out with aunties, uncles and cousins in beautiful Sun Valley, Idaho.  The little ones played music, Elliot got to "climb a mountain," and he did plenty of hanging out with the guys (we never did get him his own white robe--next time!).  Another not-so-great car ride for Ellie, but he did a real good job rocking the sunglasses and the headphones for a bit on the way there.  The Sawtooth Mountains are really, really beautiful.  These iPhone pics don't do them justice, but this weekend--and the snow that came with it!--was more about just hanging out with family.  But I'd definitely love to spend more time here in the future.  After all, I never did get to spot a celebrity, though I'm pretty sure it was Ashton flying off in that private jet as we drove out of town :). 


Sara said...

can't get over that picture of him climbing the hill...he's so big!

didn't you go to hawaii??? No pics??

Wood Family said...

So cute! That was a wonderful weekend!