Tuesday, July 26, 2011

From Start To Finish

Homemade black bean quinoa burgers and roasted potatoes from our farm share.  In the end, they didn't look pretty but they sure were tasty.  And Elliot is, by far, the best kitchen helper ever.  


amuma Deb said...

No wonder he is so smart and fun and curious and accomplished! His moms let him learn everything!

The Big Love and other stories... said...

Hey M,

Just want to say that I am so glad you are blogging again...I love the glimpses into your life and seeing how beautifully (!!!!!) your little man is growing. For real!

My brother has been having issues with my word press server site...so, i've been a bit creatively stumped this summer in the blogging department. I miss it! But, summer has been a good distraction...I'm loving the long days and being out and about. We spent a lovely month in Cali. The garden has been wonderful. Lots of goodness.

Sending you my love, girl.